To Be Left Alone

My heart is breaking in front of you but you will not leave. I shout for you to go in my head but silence stands between us. Like a child caught between two parents fighting: awkward and innocent. I move my eyes, aware that I’ve been still, unblinking, for a long time. They meet yours … More To Be Left Alone

Inky Thoughts

Pen-stained thoughts move clumsily around my mind, and settle there like road blocks. As ink-blots spread on fragile paper, they taper happiness down until there’s nothing left. Just scratches of the nib on an already torn-up pad. How sad for my joy to be governed by another, undercover of leather-bound cloak.

All That Glitters

I tell you that emotions glitter like sunlight shattered by moving water, Making cheeks glisten damp with liquid soul. You tell you that’s ridiculous and smile, Making eyes sparkle alive with dancing fire.   Prompt #1 by

The Sky is Falling

He knew it was only a matter of time before the sky fell. For weeks he’d noticed fractures forming across the otherwise faultless pallet of watery blue. It’s happened before, the sky falling. He watches the cracks spread, helpless from below. The sun’s light is refracted in deceiving ways, and most of the rays can’t … More The Sky is Falling

His Hands

His hands are new to me, but I know them well. I’ve watched them pull pints, clean glass, polish brass. I’ve watched them write words, touch his lips, sit on hips, And now they’re on me. The fingers I’ve watched be districted now focus solely on me. They search me, like I had taken the … More His Hands


I have a habit, when I am alone, of making myself vulnerable. I exist on the brink of tears and my heart throbs with tender yearning as I absorb the beauty of other peoples’ artwork. Hard armour melts into soft blanket which slips away, leaving me exposed to the world. This experience is religious. The … More Vulnerable