You flood my blood with serotonin, making me float an inch above the ground. Advertisements

Voodoo God

I lie under blanket sky, and cry. It’s not fine to be left behind when it happens this frequently. I sigh, and throw the sheets to the right, left exposed in the night. I fight the remnants of ‘we’ that never was: just you and me, separated by apathy. Naturally, I exist under layers of … More Voodoo God

On Meditation

For me, meditation is a way to reset the mind. People only turn to meditation upon reaching adulthood or adolescence: no child ever feels the need to stop and focus solely on the movement of breath in and out of the body. This is logical. A child takes one day at a time. When they … More On Meditation


Anxiety tugs at the hem of her dress like a child oblivious to her suffering, hungry for her attention.

To Be Left Alone

My heart is breaking in front of you but you will not leave. I shout for you to go in my head but silence stands between us. Like a child caught between two parents fighting: awkward and innocent. I move my eyes, aware that I’ve been still, unblinking, for a long time. They meet yours … More To Be Left Alone

Inky Thoughts

Pen-stained thoughts move clumsily around my mind, and settle there like road blocks. As ink-blots spread on fragile paper, they taper happiness down until there’s nothing left. Just scratches of the nib on an already torn-up pad. How sad for my joy to be governed by another, undercover of leather-bound cloak.