The Sky is Falling

He knew it was only a matter of time before the sky fell. For weeks he’d noticed fractures forming across the otherwise faultless pallet of watery blue. It’s happened before, the sky falling. He watches the cracks spread, helpless from below. The sun’s light is refracted in deceiving ways, and most of the rays can’t … More The Sky is Falling


I have a habit, when I am alone, of making myself vulnerable. I exist on the brink of tears and my heart throbs with tender yearning as I absorb the beauty of other peoples’ artwork. Hard armour melts into soft blanket which slips away, leaving me exposed to the world. This experience is religious. The … More Vulnerable

The Window

He looked at the condensation clinging to the single-glazed panes of glass that made up his bedroom window. Nothing and everything going through his head; an existential crisis in a sea of quiet. The water droplets stayed fixed; immovable. Time passed in lurches; inconceivable units of intangible nothingness. He found it hard to believe that … More The Window

Bus Stop

She looked at the backs of her hands that she held out in front of herself, as though resting on a table that wasn’t there. So pale against the tarmac below, she thought. She could make out the bones of each finger, and every imperfection. She wore her grandmother’s wedding ring, a subtle silver thing, … More Bus Stop